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How would you describe your playing style? Do you have lots of worlds, or a few? Do you have strict wolfling runs or do you individually nurture your creatures, or both? Any particular habits or quirks?
Well, it depends.

In C1, I usually coddle my creatures a bit, spending lots of time with them individually, encouraging them to mate if they're being slow about it, and so on. They might get left alone for a while, but the last time I tried to do a C1 wolfling run, even with lots of extra food injected, it was a disaster, and I haven't tried again.

In C2, I have one world series for a canny ettin wolfling run, though I can't help myself from intervening sometimes, and will often hatch spare eggs, teach them their most basic vocabulary, and then after twenty minutes or so shove them out of the incubator chamber. Based on certain criteria, ettins may be exported. I also have a nurturing norn world where I've been trying to get my norns to be a little less stupid, which, yes, I know. Otherwise, I mostly breed them for looks - Frog norns crossed with Golden Desert norns are adorable.

In C3/DS, I never play C3 standalone, mostly because I don't currently have a working install. I can do docked worlds just fine, though. I have one concept world poking along for Pearl Mermaids, where each pod gets a 'queen' female who is the only one allowed to breed - I originally had this for aquanorns, but they have a few issues and aren't CFE. The only problem I've had so far is: when a queen dies, surely I should hatch eggs until I have x females and make them compete with each other to be 'queen', but how? Maybe a more elaborate IQ test? First one to the Meso wins?

I also have a 'hospital' world for caring for sliders, rightwalkers, severe limps, etc, until they die. It also serves as the home for my strangest genetic experiments and crossbreeds. It's very much for-fun.

I have a KT Saber norn world, but I haven't played it in a while. I remember I was getting frustrated with the norns refusing to eat or something like that. I also can't figure out any of the KT recipes, to the point that I'm wondering if I'm clicking the right place on the cauldron.

I had a long-running (200+ generations, 300+ hours) wolfling run world for norns, but it's on pause for the moment. I wanted to try making some of the norns CFE and breeding that into the population, but I discovered that their color genes had gotten very glitchy to the point that the normal genetics kit won't open their genomes. Might be a consequence of breeding Amanora genomes for too long. I'll fix them some day.

I also had a grendel wolfling run, but for some reason it wasn't very successful after a while, and the grendels gradually died off. I have thought about running it again now that I have more breeds downloaded and no longer use a couple of the rooms that were present in this run that might have worked against them. I've also discovered a better way of moving creatures around the world, or at least, it works for the norns I tried it on.

Other ideas I've played around with: an arena world (creatures fight to the death; winners get to make babies), multiple kinds of migration worlds (including inducing migratory behavior via genetics and some code), and I've thought about a Geat world but haven't committed to one yet. I've also been thinking of making a Creature Link world that's a bit more nurturing, since I haven't played that way in DS for a while.

As for particular habits, besides injecting everything included with the Anodyne, I like experimenting with different arrangements of metarooms and connecting them in different ways. In C1, there a cobs that add extra spaces and make the world more connected, and I use several of these in addition with more permanent food sources. In C2, I love love love adding new plants, especially when I make the volcano into a garden, and also new critters, and making my own ecosystems. I do this to some extent in DS, but not quite as much. Also, I am strict about naming my creatures alphabetically by generation.


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