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This seems like a good time to remind everyone that we still need submissions if you can put one together!

What COBs/agents/breeds/metarooms/etc do you use the most? What would you like to see more of? Less of? What pet peeves do you have with add-ons? What do you love to see?

What I use the most:
I use a lot of sprite breeds because I like having a variety of appearances for my creatures. In C1, I prefer the complete '97 santa over the 'classic' one to the point where I'm thinking of making an overwrite to free up a breed slot, and the Wood norns get a lot of use, too. In C2, I love love love the Uriel norns and the Pegasus ettins! In C3DS, um, please don't make me choose. I use different breeds in different worlds.

For genetics, I primarily use CFE and Canny creatures, like probably everyone else. I've been experimenting with C1 genetics but haven't settled on anything quite yet and want to try out the TWB creatures more, though.

In C1, I use some COBs that expand the treehouse area and open up some new travel routes around the world, and I always use the garden cob that adds food to the bubble dome area of the island, and usually other new food sources as well.

In C2, I use the Plato's renovations to open up the world, again, and almost always use the Volcano Garden COB to make the volcano into a blooming paradise. I used to use the hollow coconuts to provide more water sources; now I use the fountains. I also like to expand food options with the popping mushrooms and the meat vines in places where plants won't grow.

As for DS, I'll just link to the Anodyne. I use MW room edits a lot, too. I used to inject the Norngarden and Bug's Temple into everything but aquatic-themed worlds; recently I've stopped using them quite as much and using more of a variety of metarooms.

What would I like to see more of/less of:
The main thing I want to see that could realistically happen is related to my main CCSF release, so I'll keep quiet on that for now....

I would like to see less brain-unfriendly COBs or agents (this is why we have the development standards). Also, for C1 and C2 in particular, I don't find single-use injectable food items to be useful. I much prefer plants or vendors of some kind.

I would like to see more Garden Box releases, and more critters for carnivorous creatures to crunch. In terms of genetic breeds, I like seeing quirky or strange genetic breeds, such as ones that photosynthesize or whatever, especially if based on real organisms.

I would dearly love to see more grendel and ettin sprite breeds, and new kinds of geats.

If we're asking for the moon, for that warp restoration project to work out!

Pet peeves/love to see:
I like anything that has interesting or cute graphics, or unique behavior, or which fixes bugs or annoying aspects of the games, or which adds nice little features.

One of my pet peeves is recolored versions of official sprites taking up a breed slot - with the one exception of the C1 Albian Greys because that's more of a way to get around the C1 color limitations. Even then, I personally prefer the snow norns. There are some C2 breeds, too, that are just recolored Hebes or Golden Deserts with some bad editing, and I don't use those. I do appreciate well-done edits. On the topic of breeds, ones that don't have different ages - at least child and adult - with the exception of those with a 'lore' reason (such as being mechanical, for example). I'll still use them, however.

I'm also not too picky when I comes to agent art, but (and this is mostly a problem with C1 addons) things that look like they were thrown together in thirty seconds in old MS Paint do not get downloaded by me.

Lastly: metarooms without CA links. I shouldn't have to add those by hand! I do recognize that this is something people are more aware of now than they used to be, though. Similarly, anything that throws errors or glitches out in strange ways that the creator should have caught. Aquatilis Caverna, or maybe the second one, throws errors sometimes, and there's a plant that I do use sometimes that has a bad habit of somehow putting seeds behind that little panel in the upper-left corner for some reason @.@ It's okay if things don't always 100% work - it may not even be the creator's fault, I know there's at least a couple of glitchy engine scripts - but most things can be caught by just injecting the COB/agent and letting it run for a while.


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