Nov. 29th, 2016

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How has the way you play Creatures changed since you started? What has stayed the same? Do you play a different game more, have you picked up a different play style, have you thrown out one species and embraced another?
For a long time, I played C3DS almost exclusively. It's still the one I play the most, but now I spend more time with C2; the ecology and graphics of that game are my favorite. C1 I play on and off, but I think at about the same level as I have since I've owned it.

When I was a kid, I used to be a lot more into nurturing-style play, and one way I would do so is that I would use the selective force field to keep babies, and usually children, in the incubator pan area, so I could teach them and keep an eye on them. I would usually put an older norn in with them, too. I've been thinking of trying something like this again, actually, although with something a bit more norn-friendly than the force field. Nowadays I also do more wolfling and feral runs than I used to. Also, I always used to install the Norngarden; I've had problems with plants from there dying out, and the pond kills creatures, and there's a larger variety of rooms available now, so I only use it sometimes.

I only cared about norns as a kid, and even now, I don't care that much about grendels. I do make my worlds grendel-friendly in C1 and make sure they have food and toys, but for C2 I still remove the grendel mother most of the time (the default sprites for them are bad and they die so young) and disable it in C3DS. Like I mentioned yesterday, I did try to do a grendel wolfling run, but it didn't work out that well.

I do have a newfound love of ettins, however. Their big eyes and round bodies are just so cute! Plus, they have some nice breeds - it's a real pity that the snail ettins don't work better, because they're great, but the striped ettins in C2 and C3DS, the pegasus ettins of C2, the rain and cheese and poodle ettins for C3DS... there are options, which I like.

Geats weren't really a thing beyond Gaia and the C1 Shee when I was a kid. I've now tried out a couple of Geat breeds and I think they have their own charm, though they're quite different from each other.

Also, now that I can code, using CAOS - even just to make quick little scripts - is like part of the gameplay for me. CAOS is actually my second favorite of the programming languages I've learned (the first being Python) - yes, it has some annoying features, like not being able to name your variables, but the logic of how it works just clicks with my brain, and it doesn't, for example, have the curly braces of Java, the confusing points (and curly braces) of C++, or the strange decisions of R (error message weirdness; and why do the arrays start at one?!).

One thing that has stayed the same is that in C3DS, when I get bored I often get out the inseminator to make a new batch of eggs from the most adventures or interesting or pretty norns. In C1 and C2, I always tend to leave the toys, for example, where they are placed by default, and the last time I opened it up to play rather than to test I had to almost force myself to try moving them around to different places. The reason for this is that when I was younger I hated 'messing up' the world... but if the norns did it, that was okay somehow. In all of the games, I tend to keep different genomes separated instead of mixing them up, but different species in one world are okay.


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